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4:30pm - 10:30pm


Bedford Park

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Will tickets be available on the day?

Tickets are subject to availability; therefore it is advisable to book your ticket in advance to avoid disappointment. Ticket prices on the day will be announced soon.

Can I bring a chair and other furniture to the event?

The concert takes place on the grass so customers can bring rugs, chairs and tables. Private marquees are not permitted. Small gazebos without sides are allowed, but will be restricted to clearly designated areas.

Can I go back and forth to my car once I’ve entered the concert?

At The Bedford Proms you will be given a pass when you leave. Some people like to take back their picnic paraphernalia in the interval.

Is there an ATM / cash machine at the event?

No sorry there are no onsite cash machine.

Can I take photographs?

You’re very welcome to bring your camera to capture the atmosphere, friends and family, however professional photography equipment is not permitted.

Where can I park?

Limited car parking will be available off Brickhill Drive, Bedford. Please follow directional signage. We recommend using the Town Centre Car Parks and taking a short walk to the park. Disabled parking will be available.

What other items should I bring?

Please keep in mind this is a standing outdoor evening concert. Weather conditions can change quickly and the temperature drops after dark and so all concert goers should dress appropriately and be prepared if the ground is wet. The concert area and car parks are well lit, but it can be useful to bring a torch to help pack up your things and find your car.

Umbrellas: Please note small personal umbrellas are allowed, however large parasols and golf sized umbrellas will not be permitted on site.

What disabled access will be available?

The concert venue has an inner tarmacked pathway running all the way around, and leads directly to the concert area which is grassed. The grassed area is very flat and the grass cut short. There is also a wheelchair platform should guests in wheelchairs want to use this, and is on a first come first served basis. We have produced concerts in this park for 20 years, and this is one of our more wheelchair friendly venues we work at.

Can I buy food and drink at the concert?

A fully licensed bar and catering facilities will be available. We operate a Challenge 25 policy at the bars. No alcohol will be served to any persons under the age of 18. Proof of identification and age may be required in the form of a valid driving license or passport.

Can I bring my own food and drink?

The Bedford Proms is a picnic style concert, you are permitted to bring your own food and drink into the concert.

Can I apply to be a vendor at the events?

We are always looking for interesting vendors selling unique products – so get in touch at

Please note, you must be self-contained in terms of equipment and have current £10m Public and Products Liability Insurance & Employers Liability Insurance policies in place.

The Line Up

Bedford Park Proms is back in 2019 and will take place on Sunday 28th July in Bedford Park. Our soloists Wynne Evans and Sarah Fox will be ready to delight you and as always we will have over 120 performers on stage along with a 70-piece choir and the London Gala orchestra, conducted by Stephen Bell.

The musical celebration will culminate with rousing favourites for flag-waving and singing along, including Rule Britannia and Land of Hope & Glory, as thousands of lasers and fireworks light up the sky.

Come to Bedford Park for an evening of pomp and patriotism that the whole family can enjoy. You are welcome to bring picnics and your own drink to this event and there will also be a VIP option as well as general admission.

Bedford Park Proms is a key part of Bedford’s event calendar, welcoming thousands of concert fans with elaborate picnics – some even featuring formal dining tables with candelabra – chairs and blankets for an unforgettable evening. Bedford is the most established, longest running Proms in the county and has established itself as the Number One Proms event to attend.

Mark Harrison, Promoter of Bedford Park Concerts comments:

“The Proms concert is a truly special event, one of my personal favourites and a huge highlight in the Bedford social calendar. It’s something that every true Bedfordian should experience, regardless of whether you are a fan of classical music it’s the unique all-inclusive atmosphere, the gathering of friends and family and the spine tinging magical moments from when the laser show starts and the magnificent trees around Bedford Park are lit up to the firework spectacular along with the live orchestra and vocalists - there is nothing quite like it!”

Ticket Prices from the 6th Jan - midnight 30th April
Adult Ticket: £30.00
Child Ticket (5 – 17): £5.00
Under 5’s go free

Ticket Prices Post 30th April
Adult - £35.00
Child - £5.00
Under 5’s go free

VIP Early Bird ticket 7th Jan – until midnight 30th April
Adult - £89.00
Child: £28.00*

VIP Ticket Prices Post 30th April
Adult Ticket: £105.00
Child Ticket: £38.00*
Under 5’s go free

Tickets on Sale Now

*Limited amount of child tickets available. Tickets subject to booking fees and service charge.
**All Tickets subject to booking fees and service charge

Headline Sponsor

The VIP Experience

The Bedford Proms VIP experience includes all of the below:

Concert ticket to Bedford Park Proms

‘Fast Track’ entry into Bedford Park

Access into ‘The Park Lounge’ hospitality marquee and garden

A glass of chilled Prosecco on arrival

All house wines, beers and soft drinks included, all night

Luxury Summer Barbecue and gourmet salad bar

Prime viewing position

Furniture inside, and outside

Access to The Park Lounge bar

Souvenir VIP event lanyard

Signed programme per couple

Luxury toilet facilities


Get Directions

Get directions directly to the venue

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